La Dolce Vita di Pizzo

Explore the beautiful town of Pizzo 

La Dolce Vita di Pizzo - Tour Guide

Welcome to the leading guide to Pizzo with visitors from over a hundred countries.
Our mission is to bring you the best of Pizzo
 at a price you can afford, and to make your stay here more enjoyable.
Pizzo is one of the hidden gems of Calabria, and our aim is to help you get the most from your stay in this beautiful unspoilt region.
A message from  Anna, the owner/operator
of La Dolce Vita di Pizzo tourist guide:

"Hi, I'm Anna, and I first came to Pizzo with my sister in the mid-1970s, at a time when few foreigners visited Calabria.
For four years I lived and worked among the local people before returning to the UK. 

After an absence of 30 years, I came back to Pizzo.  I created this website because when I was planning my trip, I found it very difficult to get any information about Pizzo.

I'm an experienced and qualified Tour Guide with an International Tour Guide Certificate.  My tours are entertaining and enjoyable, and my aim is to help you get the most from your stay. 

I'm described by local people as being 'in love with Pizzo'.  It is this deep love of Pizzo that I bring to my tours, sharing my years of local knowledge and experience with you.

What we offer :
  • English Guided Tours
  • Cooking  Classes
  • Tasting local products

What they say about us:
"Anna's tour was interesting, fun and she is filled with knowledge of Pizzo! Her joy of Pizzo just shines through. If you need her during your stay in Pizzo, she is certainly there for you!"

"Anna, our guide, delivered a fascinating insight into the culture and history of Pizzo from medieval times to the present day... I thoroughly enjoyed the tour and now look at the town in a different way."

Feel free to contact Anna for any further question you might have.
Tel: UK 0044 7761 110 539
Italy 0039 3332 705 719 

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La vetrina ideale per promuovere i vostri prodotti e servizi sul mercato Nord Americano ma che potrebbe essere un punto di visibilità anche nei vari mercati internazionali.


Ai  nostri  visitatori piace il Sud Italia, vuoi  dire loro qualcosa?
Il nostro obiettivo e' quello di promuovere prodotti tipici del Sud in un contesto di marketing globale, e allo stesso tempo proporre 
il nostro Meridione come alternativa turistica, ben consapevoli che il successo dell'uno è essenziale per il successo dell'altro.​

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