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A priceless heritage as well as a strong appeal for tourists. Although the number is much  higher, we will list below some of the most visited. In common they all have a long history, breathtaking landscapes and scenic destinations. 

Piedmont - Piemonte

Orta San Giulio
Orta San Giulio is a municipality  in the Province of Novara in the northern region of Piedmont, about 100 kilometres of Turin. The town is situated on  a promontory on Lake Orta facing the island of San Giulio. In 2003, the Sacro Monte of Orta was inserted in the World Heritage List.



Moneglia is a municipality on the eastern Ligurian Riviera in the Province of Genoa. In 2012 it was added to the list of "I borghi più belli d'Italia"

Vernazza is one of the five towns that make up the Cinque Terre region.It remains one of the truest "fishing villages" on the Italian Riviera. Located in the provincie of La Spezia .

Noli is a costal town in the province of Savona, about 50 kilometers southwest of Genoa and one of the best-preserved medieval cities on this stretch of the coast.
The charming resort dominated by medieval towers offers a short but very clean beach lined with palm trees.

Laigueglia is a quite and traditional beach resort in the province of Savona. An excellent starting  point for visiting the hinterland or nearby coastal towns.

Lerici is located a few miles north from famously crowed Cinque Terre, for centuries a destination for artists seeking inspiration and solicitude. It is connected by ferry to the Cinque Terre and Portovenere. One of the main sights is its castle used to help control the entrance of the Gulf of La Spezia. 

 Trentino Alto Adige 

Vipiteno (Sterzing in German) 
Is a medieval comune in South Tyrol, Trentino Region. The town's origins reaches back to 14 B.C., when the Romans set up a military camp called "Vipitenum" along the road between what are now Italy and Germany. An ideal destination for a family outing especially at Christmas time. The town is on the list of Italy's most beautiful villages.


Monte Argentario
Maybe one of Tuscany's hidden gems. The town is located on a promontory in southern Tuscany on the Tyrrhenian Sea (Grosseto province), about 150 kilometers from Rome.
It is faced by the two archipelagos of Giglio and Giannutri. Was heavily  fortified by the Spaniards to protect the ports and towns. The panoramic road starting in Porto Santo Stefano allows splendid views of the coast.

San Gimigliano

The towers as a symbol of power. The small walled  hill town in the province of Siena, is famous for its medieval architecture, unique in the preservation of about a dozen of its tower houses giving the town "an unforgettable skyline". The well-preserved buildings include notable examples of both Romanesque and Gothic architecture, with outstanding examples of secular buildings as well as churches. The main gates are Porta San Giovanni on the ridge extending south, Porta San Matteo to the north west and Porta S. Jacopo to the north east.



The area around Norcia is known for its breathtaking scenery and as a base for hiking. The town is located in the province of Perugia, southern Umbria. The old medieval core is enclosed by walls while Roman vestiges are observable throughout the city. It is also widely known for hunting and for sausages and ham made from wild boar and pork. 

Spello is an ancient town  in the province of Perugia, about 10 km  from Assisi. The densely inhabited town, built of stone, is of decidedly medieval aspect, and is enclosed by medieval walls built on Roman foundations. From its location at the top of the ridge, Spello commands a good view of the Umbrian plain towards Perugia; at the bottom of the ridge, the town spills out of its walls into a small modern section (or Borgo) served by the rail line from Rome to Florence via Perugia.


Grottammare is a town on the Adriatic coast, in the province of Ascoli Piceno, Marche region. Located on the " Riviera delle Palme'  and  refered to as the Perla dell'Adriatico . A very popular and charming little town hosting thousand of tourist in the summer season.  
A truly delightful town . Corinaldo is a comune  in the province of Ancona, about 270 km north/east  from Rome, 80 km north of Assisi. Listed as one of Italy's most beautiful town. In the  seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, in particular, the town experienced a wave of  intense artistic development that can still be admired in its churches and palaces, splendid examples of civil and religious architecture, housing precious valuable works of art.

Sperlonga is a coastal town in the province of Latina, Italy, halfway between Rome and Naples. The ancient town is a tourist attraction thanks mostly to its beaches, one on the west going all the way to Terracina, and a series of short beaches and rocky cliffs on its east side towards Gaeta.

Civita di Bagnoregio
Was founded by the Etruscan more the 2.500 years ago.The town is known for its striking location overlooking the Tiber river valley. It is in constant danger of destruction because of threats it faces from erosion and unregulated tourism. It is located in the province of Viterbo, about 120 km north of Rome.


Scanno has been immortalized by photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson. According to Edward Lear, it is the the home of Italy's most beautiful  women.
Scanno is also  listed as one of Italy's most beautiful villages. It is located in the province of L'Aquila, in the Sagittario Valley, encircled by the Majella mountains. The town is a tourist destination offering natural and artistic beauty, folklore, and crafts..



​The  town, located on a pinnacle at 289 meters above the sea level is approximately 130 km away from Napoli. The first official news of its existence goes back to 977. In early medieval times, the current district of Licosa was a strategic base of the Saracens, finally defeated in 1028 by a coalition of the Duchy of Naples, Amalfi, Sorrento and Gaeta. During World War II, the area, like much of the Salerno coast, was  occupied by the Allies before advancing to Rome. Licosia  at the time was used as a German military post.

Vietri sul Mare, in the province of Salerno,  a popular tourist destination used as a start up point for the Amalfi Coast drive.  The town is also famous for its colorful tiles, dishes, flowerpots and vases found in restaurants, hotels and homes throughout the Amalfi area.



Maratea is a town in the province of Potenza. Locals refer to it as the "the Pearl of the Tyrrhenian", because of its beautiful scenery and coastline. Owing to the considerable number of its churches and chapels it has also been described as "the town with 44 churches".  One of the main characteristics of Maratea is the variety of its landscapes, varying from breath-taking sea views to wooded hillsides and majestic mountains which sweep down to the sea creating steep cliffs.


Otranto origins can be found in the ancient Greek town of Hydrus (Ὑδροῦς). It sided with Rome  in the wars of Pyrrhus and of Hannibal. As it is the nearest port to the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea, it was an important point of embarkation for the East. It is located in the province of Lecce.

Alberobello (beautiful tree) is a small town in the province of Bari, famous for its unique trulli buildings. It is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1996. These 'homes' were purposely built of dry stone so that they could be seen as precarious buildings, easy to remove or demolish and  avoid paying the urban settlement tax imposed by the Kingdom of Naples. The domed roofs are embellished with decorative pinnacles, whose shape is inspired by symbolic elements, mystics and religious.

Locorotondo ("Round place") is located in the Itria Valley, Bari province. Known for its wines and for its circular structure and the beauty of the historic centre, represented by a labyrinth of white alleys. The houses are topped with unusual pitched roofs called "cummerse", a feature typical of  its historical centre.


Scilla, in the province of Reggio Calabria is an important tourist destination and seaside resort just north of the city of Reggio. Listed as one Italy's the most beautiful and characteristic villages. Historically a destination for artists and popular summer destination. The town is of very ancient origins, blurred between mythology, history, legend and poetic images fed for millennia by the suggestiveness of the natural environment. According to Greek mythology, Scylla was a sea nymph transformed into a monster by Circe, a sorceress using miraculous powers to evil ends.

The history of Tropea begins with the Roman Empire, when Romans built a commercial port. Due to its peculiar position as terrace on the sea, Tropea played an important role during Roman, Norman and Aragonese times. In the surrounding areas have been found tombs dating back to the Magna Graecia period. Tropaea (Τράπεια in ancient Greek) is located in the province of Vibo Valentia. Legend says that it was Hercules who, returning from Spain (Pillars of Hercules) stood on the Coast of Gods and made Tropea one of his ports.


Of Greek foundation, Cephaloedium was probably a fortress belonging to the ancient city of Himera and may very likely have been first peopled by refugees after the destruction of Himera. During the Byzantine domination the settlement was moved from the plain to the current spur, although the old town was never entirely abandoned. In 858, after a long siege, it was conquered by the Arabs, and rechristened Gafludi. For the following centuries it was part of the Emirate of Sicily. Cefalù is located in the province of  Palermo. Despite its small size it attracts millions of tourists from all over the world.

Taormina lays midway between Messina and Catania. It was renamed  "Al-Muizzia" after it was taken by the Arabs in 962. Muslim rule of the town lasted until 1078, when it was captured by the Norman count Roger I of Sicily. Starting in the 19th century Taormina became  Europe's most popular tourist resort. People who visited Taormina include Oscar Wilde, Nicholas I of Russia, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Friedrich Nietzsche (who here wrote his Thus Spoke Zarathustra), Richard Wagner and many others.


The coastal city is located in the province of Sassari, at the east end of the Gulf of Asinara. Thanks to this location, the town enjoys a unique view spacing on all the coasts of the gulf, including those of Corsica. There is an ongoing upgrading of facilities for the reception of a careful and cultured tourism, as well as a revival of cultural initiatives.

Bosa is a town and comune in the province of Oristano. The town's urban character differentiates it from other locations. Agriculture and fishing play an important part in the city economy, thanks to the river valley near the coast surrounded by hills and highland plateaus. There are several religious buildings, many of which continue to enrich the urban fabric, providing evidence of the of architectural change over the centuries, from bare areas to tasteful Romanesque buildings.


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