Spadafora Cantine Donnici

Business Name: Cantine Spadafora srl
Category: Alimentary
Sub-Category: Wine

Address: Z.I. Piano Lago, 18
City: Mangone
Postal Code: 87050
Province: Cosenza
Country: Italy

Tel: +39 (0984) 969080
Fax: +39 (0984) 980618

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The Spadafora family boasts a secular tradition in the sector, four are in  fact the generations linking the name to the wine industry.

The activity started in 1915, when Ippolito Spadafora  started selling  typical wine of the area in bulk.

In 1968 a radical shift in business took place which proved to be a turning point for the future development of the business.

Given the evolution of the market, young Domenico Spadafora, ignoring the traditional sale of bulk wine, began with the bottling of wines and distribution throughout the region.

Today, the continuity and evolution of the family history is carried on by Ippolito, Domenico's son, following  the teachings and  passion of his father and grandfather.

By reassessing the native wines with the help of  wine experts, the Spadafora winery is now able to produce wines of high quality, continuing the tradition for which Calabria was known in ancient times.


Markets : Italy - Europe -

Products overview:

The "TOPS" - Typical Geographical Indication (IGT)
Terrano Red Terrano Rose' Terrano White Peperosso Red
Solenero Red Vigna Fuego Red Vigna Fuego Rose' Vigna Fuego White
Nerello Red Teresio Red    
The Classics
Maestrale Red Maestrale Rose' Maestrale White
Castello Svevo Red Castello Svevo Rose' Castello Svevo White
Red Rose' White
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