Fiore Sardo

Business Name: Consorzio Tutela Formaggio Fiore Sardo
Category: Alimentary
Sub-Category: Cheese

Address: Via Margherita, 21
City: Gavoi
Postal Code: 08020
Province: Nuoro
Country: Sardegna-Italy

Tel: 0784 - 529043
Fax: 0784 - 529310

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Business Profile:

Fiore Sardo its a product strongly tied to the territory.
It is the main product of cheese-making tradition,made since the dawn of time by the local shepherds.The production area is located along the entire territory of the autonomous region of Sardinia. The Association for the Protection of Fiore Sardo sheep cheese is a consortium established on December 15, 1987 and represents a group of producers of the artisanal cheese "Fiore Sardo"  in the region of Sardinia.

This cheese has its roots in an age preceding the Roman conquest of Sardinia. In more recent times, Fiore Sardo PDO was the only Sardinian cheese consumed in other parts of Italy. In the 19th century, it began to be used in the region of Liguria for the production of pesto. The original name probably derives from the fact that the cheese, until just a few years ago, was placed in chestnut container (pischeddas) and on it was imprinted the image of a flower.

The product is sold as Fiore Sardo PDO. It is sold fresh or aged, whole, in large pieces, and in pre-packed slices. Its body must show its name, product logo and community logo.

Main objectives: safeguard the producing process, implement appropriate initiatives aimed at perfecting and improving the quality of the cheese, valorize the typicality of the product and implement those steps deemed appropriate to facilitate domestic trade and export and marketing.

Ingredients: sheep's milk, salt, rennet.
Taste & features. The pecorino Fiore Sardo is a grating cheese, strong and intense due to its prolonged maturation.

Method of working/Cultivation.

The milk, taken from two daily milkings or one milking if in the summer season, coagulates at 33°-35°C, in copper lapiolos (cauldrons), with lambs' rennet. After nearly 30 minutes, the curd cheese is breached for the first time and, after a few minutes of rest in the cauldron, is newly pulverized and placed into its characteristic conical long shaped containers (pischeddas). To promote the purging of the whey, the dough is worked by hand using traditional methods (piccàu and arremundàu). To create a more resistant and smooth rind the cheese is scalded with hot water before proceeding to the salting phase, in brine, lasting from 36-48 hours. Then the cheese is smoked for around 10-15 days with Mediterranean shrubs, and seasoned in cool humid well-ventilated cellars. After reaching a certain level of seasoning, the cheese is greased with olive oil.

Aspect and Taste.

Fiore Sardo PDO has a cylindrical shape, with a characteristic groppa di mulo (mule's rump) edge. The rind ranges from yellow to brown depending on the extent of seasoning. The dough is hard, white and without aeration holes. The flavour is more or less spicy depending upon the grade of maturation. It has a hint of dried fruits and an aroma of grasses, which tends to assuage during the course of aging.


Fiore Sardo PDO, whole or sliced, is a product that keeps well for long periods of time with no alteration of flavour or consistency, even when kept outside of the refrigerator. Fresh, it can be consumed as a table cheese, or if seasoned, it can be used for grating. In the former case, it is optimal cooked, fried, roasted and melted, accompanied by fresh fava beans or as a filling in ravioli. On the other hand, the more seasoned Fiore Sardo PDO is exquisite with roasted potatoes, sausage, fresh tomatoes and onions. It can be grated over traditional Sardinian dishes such as pane frattau, culurjones with fresh cheese, and pane fresa. It couples well with Sardinian wines.

Distinctive features

During preparation, to promote the purging of the whey, the Fiore Sardo PDO is manually worked using traditional methods that have been passed down through generations.


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