Frantoio Tavernise

Business Name: Frantoio Oleario Tavernise Francesco
Category: Alimentary
Sub-Category: Olive Oil

Address: c.da Cozzo Corvo 8
City: Rossano
Postal Code: 87067
Province: Cosenza
Country: Calabria-Italy

Tel: +39.339.2009333
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Business Profile:

The Olive Mill Taverniseis a repository of ancient knowledge in the production of extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality.
Belonging to the Tavernise family for three generations  the mill is now at the forefront in the use of modern machines of cold working "continuous cycle".


The company is located on a sunny hill among olive groves , in the territory of the town of Rossano Calabro. The oil is produced from centuries-old olive groves belonging to a particular variety known as the "Dolce di Rossano," which yields an oil with a delicate flavor, medium sweet, slightly bitter and spicy with hints of almonds.

Harvesting: The olives are harvested with the method of picking namely manually from the plant or by mechanical harvesting with the aid of light shakers


Extra virgin olive oil : Golden yellow to green, characteristic dell'ogliarola sweet Rossano. Intense fruity aroma and delicate flavor, medium sweet and slightly bitter characterized by a degree of acidity of between 0.6 and 0.8

Virgin olive oil : Aroma ripe fruit, typical of an oil obtained from ripe fruit, generally characterized by a sweet flavor and acidity less than 2.


Glass Bottles - 0.50 Lt - 0.75 Lt - 1Lt :

Tin Can 1 Lt - 3 Lt - 5 Lt - 10 Lt - 15 Lt - 25 Lt.




What we are looking for : We are looking for Partners that work as intermediary with local, national, European and
international markets. Specialty shoppes, restaurants, high end  catering services,  gourmet stores.

Contact the company Send Email


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