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Business Name: Marina Colonna Soc. Agr. S.r.l.
Category: Alimentary
Sub-Category: Olive Oil

Address: Masseria Bosco Pontoni
City: S.Martino in Pensilis
Postal Code: 86046
Province: CampoBasso-Molise
Country: Italy

Tel: 0875 603009
Fax: 0875 603002

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Business Profile:

The Colonna estate nestles between the rolling green hills and the sparkling blue Adriatic in southern Molise’s fertile farmland.

As the land slopes gently down to the coast the light plays on the patches of silver-green olive trees; the many groves of these ancient trees blend into the large plots of land that change colour according to the season, from autumn brown to spring green.

The Colonna family planted the estate’s first modern olive groves, with 10,000 trees of local varieties. Another 15,000 tress from 24 varieties were planted in innovative, high-density groves in 1991. Over the years the varieties cultivated have been fine-tuned, and the methods of planting and nurturing the trees perfected.

Here, donna Marina Colonna owns and runs the 320 hectare estate  where cereals such as wheat, oats, corn, sunflowers, canola, is grown together with vegetables such as tomatoes,  fennel and traditional fodder crops which feed 1000 Comisana pedigree breed sheep.

The olive groves occupy 70 hectares. Harvest takes place early in the season, before the olives are fully ripe, using pneumatic combs or shaking machines, which shorten picking times thus assuring high quality oil that is extracted within 12 hours through the continuous cooling cycle of the farm oil mill.

The olive trees grown in the Bosco Pontoni estate’s groves are personally tended for by Marina throughout the year. From pruning in late winter to flowering in spring, during the gradual growth of the olive and until the harvest period, which begins in October and last until the beginning of December. No detail is neglected.

Each stage is critical, however the end of the year marks the moment in which the critical blending of the oils takes place. Here Marina’s experienced palate, together with the consultant taster’s sensorial analysis combine to create the three premium blends of fine extra virgin olive oil that carry the historical Colonna name.

The classic Colonna blend is made from selected olive varieties from the estate: frantoio, peranzana, coratina, cima di melfi, nociara, nocellara, maiatica, kalamata and other experimental varieties, thus creating a harmonious blend in which the bitter and the piquant tones are perfectly balanced in a rich though smooth medium-fruity extra virgin olive oil. 

The extra virgin olive oil produced in the estate’s mill is bottled and labeled on site.



The estate also produces a limited quantity of citrus olive oils using organic grown lemons (Granverde), oranges (Arancio), mandarins (Mandarino), and bergamots (Bergamia) from Calabria, added ingredients whose warm and sweet aroma is released each time the bottle is opened.

Following the method that has become a company tradition, Calabrian bergamot fruit and Sicilian oranges are crushed with the estate’s olives on site.

The latest citrus oils are called Spice, obtained with fresh organic root ginger, as well as an oil called "Aromatico" made by crushing the olives together with cardamom seeds. In honour of the Indian sub-continent we make “Tulsi” oil with Ligurian fresh basil.

A truffle oil is also produced infusing white truffles with Colonna olive oil, the latest addition is Peperoncino, also an infusion using locally produced ground chilli pepper.

The Colonna DOP Molise (Protected Denomination of Origin) is made from Leccino, Rosciola and Gentile di Larino varieties.

Olive varieties: Leccino (65%) -  Semidana (20%) - Rosciola (15%).

Production system: Disc crushing, Three-phase continuous-cycle centrifugal extraction.

Organoleptic profile: An oil with a beautiful yellow color with light green hues. Its scent is elegant and refined. Its taste is firm with well dosed and harmonious bitterness and spiciness.

Colonna oils have been marketed as a brand since 1986 and their presence on the international market has steadily grown. Production has also increased greatly in quality, thanks to the good cultivation techniques and to the great experience of the tasting board that creates the yearly blend. Colonna oils have won numerous national and international awards.

The trademark "Amphora" bottles were designed by Marina herself from an ancient piece of Etruscan glass found among the family’s many historical treasure


Available in USA at the following fine stores:

Williams Sonoma Whole Foods, New York and New Jersey stores - Michael's Salumeria, NJ  - Bon Appetit Fine Foods, Princeton, NJ - The Cheese Cave, NJ  - Lobster Place, New York, NY -  Amish Market, New York - Farinella Italian Bakery, New York, NY - Grace's Market Place, New York - Tarry Fine Foods, Port Chester New York - Guido's, Great Barrington, MA - Surdyk's, Minneapolis - Dean & DeLuca, Broadway New York - Zabar's , New York, NY -

The Noble Olive Oil

DOP Molise.
The finest estate production, a Gran Cru among olive oils, the Colonna DOP Molise (Protected Denomination of Origin) has won many prestigious awards over the years and continues in the pursuit of excellence. Leccino, Rosciola and Gentile di Larino are the three varieties inherent to the Molise region which are grown on the estate and selected for this extra virgin olive oil. It is an oil of fine character, medium fruity with a robust bouquet of fresh grass.
 Anfora Bottles: 250ml and 750ml

Classic blend. Made from selected olive varieties from the estate: frantoio, peranzana, coratina, cima di melfi, nociara, fs17, nocellara, maiatica, kalamata and other experimental varieties, thus creating a harmonious blend in which the bitter and the piquant tones are perfectly balanced in a rich though smooth medium-fruity extra virgin olive oil.

• Anfora Bottles: 250ml and 750ml
• Square Bottles: 55ml, 500ml, 750ml and 1000ml

Monocultivar selection.
The most recent addition to the range of extra virgin olive oils on the estate is the single-variety Peranzana oil. It is characterized by a fruity aroma of olive with grassy and floral notes, as well as hints of green tomato, herbs and freshly cut wheat. To the palate this oil is lightly fruited and balanced, with bitter notes that blend with the slightly spicy aftertaste, with delicate hints of almond and artichoke. 

• anfora 250 ml and 750 ml

Five litre tin.
This 5 lt tin contains exactly the same extra virgin olive oil as we put in the glass bottles, this format is ideal for restaurants, hotels and domestic use.

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