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Business Name: Rosaria Producers Organizzation
Category: Alimentary
Sub-Category: Fruits

Address: C.da Porticelli SP 135
City: Belpasso
Postal Code: N/A
Province: Catania
Country: Sicily-Italy

Tel: 095/7913562-3
Fax: 095 791 3564

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Business Profile:


For many years the firms of the P. O. (Producers Organization) have been at work intent to increase the value of the Tarocco red orange, which, thanks to the volcanic soil rich in minerals and the strong temperature range between day and night caused by the Mount Etna Volcano, undergoes the particular process of pigmentation giving the characteristic red color, its unique fragrance and distinctive taste.

The Rosaria P.O. was constituted on July 10th 2008 and was created out of the initiative of a group of workers operating within the citrus food-chain in eastern Sicily, whose aim, today as yesterday is the improvement of citrus production and in particular of the quality red orange.


The partners grow products with characteristics suitable to the future commercialization, directly engaging in initiating a business path which involves the food-chain in the production and value improvement of the product, both fresh and processed.
The main objective of the P.O. is to improve the value of a branded product, which means quality, uniqueness, originating from a specific territory and with organoleptic characteristics promised to the consumer through the communication activity of the past few years.


Production Policy and Marketing - The Integrated Production Policy of the Rosaria Producers Organization has been elaborated to describe the technique of integrated farming which must be applied by citrus-producing firms members of P.O.


The techniques of integrated production are the basis for the fulfillment of sustainable farming, which is gainful, takes care of the environment, of natural resources, of consumers and of farmers themselves, by making use, in the best technical way, systems of chemical, biological and agronomic control practices, to obtain quality production with the minimal impact on the environment.


Essential elements for the achievement of an integrated production Policy are: preservation and improvement of soil fertility and environmental diversity. The biological, agronomic and chemical pest control methods must be balanced and must be “integrated” with each other in order to be able to take into account the protection of the environment, of income and of social needs.

Red oranges to peel or squeeze during the winter and red orange juice to drink all year around.

 - Products availability - 

- Oranges -

The Pannitteri & C. Ltd is able to meet orders of any size, ensuring the clients, both Italian as well as foreign, always the highest quality and efficiency.

Available variety :

Oranges Moro - Sanguinello - Navellina - Valencia - Tarocco Nucellare - Tarocco Gallo - Tarocco Comune .

 - Orange Juice -

After careful selection, oranges undergo a processing procedure which, based on an agreed policy, transforms them in such a way as to guarantee a product with precious organoleptic and health characteristics. By using only red orange, a mild process of pasteurization with nothing else added; the P. O. is able to guarantee the taste of an excellent product all the year through to the consumer.

- Marmelade -

The newly introduced product stands on the table of the most careful consumers, by guaranteeing the total absence of preservatives, colorings additives and gluten sources and by giving that unmistakable taste of the good Tarocco oranges transformed into a marmalade of smooth and fragrant consistence which only ready picked oranges and a traditional processing method can ensure.

Present markets: Europe - Eastern countries.

Seeking qualified importers for the North American market.

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