Business Name: DecoArt
Category: Art & Crafts
Sub-Category: Ceramics

Address: C.so G.Pepe 50
City: Squillace
Postal Code: 88069
Province: Catanzaro
Country: Italy

Tel: 0961 912021
Fax: 0961 912021

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Business Profile:

Pottery making  in the town of Squillace has very ancient roots. Production of highly prized terra cotta has been an important part the local economy for centuries; Cassiodorus' writings make several mentions of it. Squillace is the home of the "pignatari" style of ceramic artistry. The name is derived from the Italian word "pignata", an earthenware container used for cooking beans over an open fire.

The Art Deco shop was founded in 2000 by artist Concetta Gallo's and her passion for this form of art, the same passion that led her to first enroll and graduate from the local Art Institute  and then to collaborate with local artists and craftsmen in the recovery and the revival of Squillace's ceramic art.

DecoArt proposes a series of articles manufactured with the same techniques used in Squillace during  the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries.
The technique used is the so called "tecnica dell'ingobbio" which consist of covering  with a thin layer of white clay the artifact and decorate it with graffiti by removing the white clay using a sharp fine tool, exposing the artifact natural color which after the firing assumes a warmer tone contrasting with the white.
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