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Most tourists who choose Calabria as their travel destination do so because they are attracted by the region's 800 km of coastline. The numerous beaches meet the diverse needs for a private relaxing holiday or programmed activities.

The morphology of the Calabrian coasts with its fine white sand, cliffs and small rocky islands offers many bathing opportunities, just a few km from each other.

From Praia a Mare to Amantea

Starting from the north in the Cosenza province, at the borders with Basilicata,  the following pages will give  the visitor a better view of the the coasts and beaches and those nearby cities and towns which for their particular landscape and the quality of tourism infrastructure, are an excellent touristic destinations

So called for the cultivation of this particular fruit used in the preparation of drinks and candy, the name identifies this beautiful region of Calabria also known as High Tyrrhenian Calabrese and traditionally includes also a part of the mountain territory.

The Cedri Riviera is one of the coastal areas with a high tourist density. Its white beaches coasted by the mountains, count among the major resorts Scalea, Diamante, Blue Oasis Isca, Tortora, Praia a Mare, Diamante and Paola.

To those coming from Valle del Noce (Walnut Valley) an extraordinary spectacle appears : a succession of cliffs, marine terraces, caves by fanciful names, arches and bridges of rocks, hidden beaches, mountains splashed with oak trees, heather, myrtle and mastic.
From Fiuzzi in San Nicola Arcella its a constant dazzle of colors between sea, sky and earth.

Scalea, 20 km south of Praia a Mare, is a major seaside resort dating back to Paleolithic era.
The village comes with its beautiful historic center arranged in tiers on the hill, remains of ancient walls and picturesque narrow winding streets. The new part  with its numerous resorts  stretches  along the coast

Diamante (Diamond), known also as as the city of Murals: over one hundred paintings ​​on the walls of fishermen's homes in the historic center.
Here you will find the little town of Cirella and its small island. In September takes place the "Festival of the spicy Peperoncino" (chili hot pepper).

Dino & Cirella Islands ... like  big whales emerging from the sea.
Isca Blue Oasis: In the lovely stretch of sea between Amantea and Belmonte Calabro appear the two rocks of Isca, already' known in the times of Homer, a must for divers.
The Blue Oasis  is a protected area that stretches around the sunken rocks in a stunning backdrop rich in flora and fauna. In these waters, its easy to see dolphins and turtles.
Paola: The presence of the sea, together with the beauty of the mountains in the immediate vicinity and the presence of a prestigious shrine dedicated to San Francesco di Paola make the town a tourist destination of some importance.

How to get there : A3 motorway-Salerno-Reggio di Calabria .
By plane : Lamezia Airport - Distance 100 Km.
By Train: Paola train station - Distance 40 Km     
Accommodations: 245 structures - 28,792 beds.   

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